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Our fears…

The important thing to look at is how we phrase our fears...

‘I’m scared to fly’

No you’re not…you’re scared to die.

 ‘I’m scared to love’

No you’re not…you’re scared that you won’t be loved back.

‘I’m scared to try a new sport, language, hobby.’

No you’re not…you’re scared you’ll look stupid.

 ‘I’m scared to start my own business.’

No you’re not…you’re scared you’ll fail.

I’m scared to reach out to that casting director’

No you’re not…you’re scared they’ll tell you you’re not talented.

 ‘I’m scared to tell them how much I love them’

No you’re not…you’re scared they won’t care.

 ‘I’m scared to commit to __________.’

No you’re not, you’re scared to lose the power to choose.

And the list goes on…

We attach fear to the wrong thing…we attach it to the ACTION when

really what we are scared of is the potential negative

feeling/emotion – RESULT.

I guarantee that EVERYTHING boils down to a few basic fears:

–       Fear of death or injury (to you or someone you love)

–       Fear of rejection

–       Fear of looking stupid

–       Fear of failure

What we are really scared of in one word is PAIN.

And we are much more likely to take action to avoid PAIN than we

will to achieve pleasure.


Isn’t living a LESS THAN LIFE much more PAINFUL?

It is for me…I hate it…I wish I got zapped with

electricity every time I chose the pain of safety over the

possibility of pain with something new that could

bring me great joy.

That’s what I mean when I say ‘Go Big’…to me ‘Going Big’ means choosing to

go toward what has a chance to bring me great joy even though it

may not…because if I don’t ‘Go Big’ I am guaranteed 1 thing and 1

thing only, and that is the PAIN of living a life that is ‘LESS


My questions for you today are:

1. What does ‘Go Big’ mean to you?

2. In what small way (in less than 15 minutes) can you push your

comfort zone and choose to ‘Go Big’ today?

Truth of today!

“How you choose to view who you are will determine how others will be choosing to view you.”
– Amir Zoghi –

Never mind the opinions of others my dear, be mindful of the only opinion that matters, yours. How you’re seeing yourself is being projected upon the eyes of others and they can only see what you are seeing of yourself. And sometimes you may not even be concerned about the opinion of others but please be sure that is not because you are avoiding uncovering what you are really thinking about yourself. Do you get me my dear?


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“… A person needs new experiences. They jar something deep inside, allowing him to grow. Without change something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken.”
– Duke Leto (in Frank Herbert’s Dune) –

Change brings with it an opportunity for you to expand your consciousness. It’s an opportunity for you to embrace all possibilities, that’s infinite possibilities my dear. It won’t hurt you my dear if you let go a little and allow the change that is pressing upon your life to unfold itself. You are safe my dear, just continue to check in with yourself on your path of change and only follow that inner feeling, no matter what the external pressing issues are.



“Life as it is can sometimes be confused with life as it’s meant to be. What will be, will be because you’re choosing it to be.”

Amir Zoghi

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“The journey has nothing to do with the destination, only with how one views it.”
– Amir Zoghi –

You know the journey is in this moment my dear, I don’t have to tell you that. What I might remind you of is that the present moment and how you are experiencing it is being greatly influenced by the attachments you have to the outcome, to the future, the destination. Let go of the outcome, the destination, let go of your agenda and you will let go of your attachment. And then you can experience the present moment for what it is and experience what your journey is Truly sharing with you.


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